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My name is Iona English. I am currently a 20 year old Media Production student doing a degree at Brooksby Melton College, which doesn't exactly lean towards the idea of me being a massive and proud book worm, but I am. I love to read. My favourite genre's are YA Contemporary, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with some Classics thrown in. 


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Immortal City

Immortal City - Scott Speer So this sounds like just a typical teen, supernatural-romance book doesn’t it. And trust me the romance side does read just like that. It’s annoying and teenage. They fall out over stuff that doesn’t really matter, then can’t really be together and blah blah blah till the end where it’s all wrapped up and a bit too convenient for my liking. Same old same old.However what I did like about this book was the murder going on at the same time. The book became a lot more interesting from that side. That part read a bit like one of James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels or a series of 24. It was much more nitty gritty and substantial. So I’d give the romance a 1.5 and the crime a 4. If only this writer had tried to go into crime novels instead of young adult romance. I hope someday he will because he’s got a real talent for that but I don’t think I will continue reading this series. I am just not compelled to find out any more about any of the other characters, except the main detective guy.