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My name is Iona English. I am currently a 20 year old Media Production student doing a degree at Brooksby Melton College, which doesn't exactly lean towards the idea of me being a massive and proud book worm, but I am. I love to read. My favourite genre's are YA Contemporary, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with some Classics thrown in. 


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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits  - Katie McGarry Wow I really loved this bookEdit 01/01/2013 Noah Hutchins is bad news. A dark loner with a nasty reputation, a leather jacket and a bad attitude. Exactly the kind of boy Echo knows to stay away from, but could his brutal honesty and lack of respect for authority be exactly what she needs when no one else seems to want to tell her the truth or even help her find out why she doesn't remember the night she some how ended up with scars decorating her arms and a restraining order against her mother?This book is told from both Noah and Echo's point of view. This alternating between the two main characters really helps you to understand them and their problems better. You really connect to them because you see what they think and feel about things. The other characters too felt like they had personalities and weren't just there to help or hinder Noah and Echo, they were all flawed but in ways that felt real. Never did this book become too typically teenage to the point where you want to roll your eyes, throw it at the floor and walk off because it's given you a headache and made you sick to death of anyone under 20 (which I myself am not so that's irony for you). It felt just right. Yes these characters are hormonal, slightly naive teenagers but they're also smart, determined and they don't always sit around and sulk when there is a problem, they do something about it.I won't say that this book was particularly surprising, with a little bit of brain power it's not hard to work out what happened to Echo and how this whole story will end but really it's the journey that matters. The chemistry between Noah and Echo was electric and their relationship and devotion to helping each other as friends and more was so heart-wrenchingly sweet that it made me miss being at the start of a relationship, or just in a relationship all together. There were points when Noah and Echo were kissing that I just wanted to put my book down and go find me a hot guy to make out with but I didn't, I was too enthralled with their storyline.Over all I think this is a really great story. It's not really going to help anyone who is going through problems like Echo's because it at some points felt like the book was implying that you can't work out problems on your own, you need someone else's help to do it. Preferably someone you are greatly attracted to. But because the relationship felt so real I'll let that slide. I definitely think this was one of the best contemporary romances of 2012.