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My name is Iona English. I am currently a 20 year old Media Production student doing a degree at Brooksby Melton College, which doesn't exactly lean towards the idea of me being a massive and proud book worm, but I am. I love to read. My favourite genre's are YA Contemporary, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with some Classics thrown in. 


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Burn Bright  - Marianne de Pierres This book is like when you see one of your gorgeous friends after a drunken night out. Yes she no longer looks perfect; she's a gross and sweaty, her make-up's smudged and you're not sure how she'll ever get her hair looking luscious again, but you still know she's beautiful. That's this book. The editing is not great and it has some other problems but the flaws don't take enough away from it to make it a bad book. As a Seal Retra lives in a world of rules in a place where women are second class citizens, but she has one solace; her brother. Or she had one solace. Abandoning Retra her brother Joel ran away to Ixion to live a life free of restraints, making life for Retra unbearable. After two years she manages to build up the courage and stomach to follow him to Ixion but she quickly learns that in Ixion she can no longer be the quiet, obedient loner. She has to burn bright or the Ripers will ensure she burns out. This book does not ease you in. From the first second you are thrown into the deep-end. You'll either sink or swim with this book. It took me a few pages but I learnt how to doggy paddle and after that the world and writing style came to me easily. The world is revealed in pieces, first you learn a little of Retra and her sealed community. You find out why it is so hard for her to make friends and why it's such a big deal for her to be running away. Then Ixion is revealed a little as Retra arrives there. She learns that in most ways Ixion is a complete opposite from her own world, but the rules must be strictly adhered to unless you want to risk the consequences. Listen well, baby bats. Burn bright, but do not stray from the paths. Remember, when you live in a place of darkness you also live with creatures of the dark. Retra's character development is an interesting one. She develops from being quietly strong for her own sake into a leader who openly stands up for those that need her help. Aided by her two friends the search for her bother slowly takes a back seat to the cataclysmic events that arise from Retra's presence disturbing the apparent equilibrium of Ixion. This book is definitely not one to read if you're not a fan of fast paced YA that is not perfectly edited. The writing is not always going to make you stop and gasp at it's beauty; but the plot, the concept and the characters were definitely enough to make me enjoy the books and want to keep reading. My only gripe with this book is that Amazon fucked us Brits over when they decided to start publishing Burn Bright in the UK. I'd heard amazing things about the cover, how it was textured and velvety and the title literally looked as if it was glowing. Did I experience any of that? No because Amazon had some shitty almost laminated cover and terrible print quality overall for the whole book. I was so disappointed! Get your shit together Amazon! Either publish the book properly or drop the fucking ebook price!