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My name is Iona English. I am currently a 20 year old Media Production student doing a degree at Brooksby Melton College, which doesn't exactly lean towards the idea of me being a massive and proud book worm, but I am. I love to read. My favourite genre's are YA Contemporary, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with some Classics thrown in. 


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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I 'literally' feel like my heart has been walked all over by Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. I will write a better review later when my heart hurts less. UPDATED- one spoiler at the very endThis book has left me honestly distraught and many people will not understand getting distraught over literary fiction, but if you can cry over a film why can you not cry over a book? I am a true believer that words have more power than anything else. And the words in The Fault in Our Stars have been strung together in such a beautiful way that they have reached deep inside me and changed the very fabric of who I am. That is worth crying overI almost do not want to read another book or watch another movie because I am terrified that I will forget Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, or at the very least that their impression on me will fade, and at this moment in time I could not bear that.This book is brilliant in a terrible and wonderful way. I spent the first half of it laughing and thoroughly enjoying the relationship between Hazel and Augustus, as well as the other characters, and wishing I were more like them. They are two incredibly unique characters who I almost now regard as friends and if I should ever meet anyone who is as witty or intelligent as them I would feel blessed. The second half of the book however, or there abouts, destroyed me; heart and soul. I did not see that twist coming until a few pages before it was announced and even then I wanted to curl up and deny it. Everything that made me so happy unravelled then and there. If this book does not make you cry I don’t know what will.There were moments of course when Augustus annoyed me, and moments when I wanted to stop everything there, go back to when their relationship was as close to perfect as it could be in their situation, and just forget what was happening, but of course I could not. All I could do was read it to the end, although I could not believe that there would ever be a happy ending or any ending worth the pain.I thought the ending Green came up with was perfect. It is literary symmetry. The way Hazels and Augustus’s book ended is very close to the way their favourite book ends. Without any knowledge of what happens to the characters left alive, but enough so that you can make up your own mind. I still want to go cry in the corner about this book. It is so powerful that I think it is now my most favourite book ever, or definitely in the top 10, but I will read it over and over again savouring the relationships and characters because, as in life, this art reflects that not everything is perfect. You cannot suspend a happy moment in infinity. Everything ends, but then new things begin and while you have to suffer through life, people come into our lives and make it just that bit more worthwhile; even when they leave we are the better for having knowing them. That is how I feel about the characters in this book and how I imagine they feel about each other. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Augustus Waters, you have changed my life. Even though you are nothing more than a character in a book, I will remember you and so will many others. You achieved what you wanted. To be infinite. This book is just as much about you as Hazel SPOILER ALERT!!!!!Sorry for the shitty review, I’m still distraught and on the verge of a breakdown.